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Notice updates
Get all important college notices on your app just a tap away.
Lab Locator
You will never enter the wrong lab or spend an hour looking for your lab ever again. With lab locator, you will know exactly where to find the lab you are looking for.
Time Table
The life saving app feature that allows you to see your timetable on your smart phone!
Faculty Information
Get in touch with the faculty for help with this cool app feature. Have a doubt in a topic? Want to confirm a submission date? This will help you contact the faculty.
Assignment Tracker
A feature to aid you in keeping your head about your schedule is the assignment tracker. Simply not down the due dates of your assignments and tests and never miss a submission.
Nearby Hangouts
With this feature, you can find all the cool, hip locations in Bandra for you to hangout. It also shows you the location of the place on google maps!